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Workshop 2017

Your MSL Team

Judith Bender, Rick Medeiros and Herb Gross

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The cornbread method was very useful and will be shown many times to my colleagues. This also made it into a visual that I can apply manipulatives to which will help me show and explain the process

An attendee of the Corning workshop

We all get stagnant in our methods. This class was a rebirth. It’s motivating and makes me look forward to passing on these skills to my students”

Another attendee of the Corning workshop
Just wanted to let you know I watched in happy amazement again this year as my class picked up the "rules" about adding and subtracting fractions quickly and easily again this year. The adjective-noun idea solves ALL the confusion for them. I watched several students add both numerators and denominators on a quick assessment before instruction really started, so I know they didn't come with this knowledge. Thank you so much for an effective way to teach this important concept
Another attendee of the Corning workshop

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