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The "Calculus Revisited" series really got me back on the road, helping me to realize I hadn't forgotten QUITE as much as I feared, but also realizing that few lecturers or textbooks have your ability of explication. I still have a long way to go even to approach your lectures, but seeing a good lecture always gives me hope, even for myself! Read More -Joe Hartley

You have no idea how much hope your MIT Calculus videos have inspired in me. After having obtained my Associates Degree in an unrelated field over two decades ago, I have resumed my studies at Brooklyn College in NY, and am now majoring in Math Education for middle schools as well as Computer Engineering.

Professor Herb Gross came to Harnett and shared with us his program as a means of simplifying mathematics instruction through self-esteem. Our general studies teachers were convinced that this mode of learning provided additional tools to reinforce other available teaching tools. For the first time, our instructors had the flexibility to address all levels of achievement, regardless of the diverse mathematical backgrounds of the students. As a result, the students felt comfortable with the course and so did the instructors. The success of the course serves as a stimulus for students wanting to learn practical applications. Professor Gross is one of those educators who practices things he preachers. For example, when he talks about building self-esteem, he is serious and he puts it into use in his program as well as in the classroom.
- Jimmy Brown, principal of the vocational school at the Harnett Correctional Institution in Lillington, NC.

Love of mathematics, love of teaching, and especially love of students and their learning of mathematics shine through everything Herb Gross writes. These passions, along with his vast experience with a uniquely wide range of students and his evident creativity, have combined to create some of the most interesting, innovative, and effective teaching materials in mathematics. They have changed my approach to teaching teachers, and I thank Herb and his collaborators for their generous sharing of these materials. Please--try them!
- Professor Doug Clements, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Learning and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York

Professor Gross we cant thank you enough for the noble service that you are rendering to the society. What is really worth an applause is that even at this age you reply to almost every comment and queries of viewers on youtube viewing your early 1970s MIT lectures. It really feels awesome and a great honour to be able to connect with and talk to a great professor like yourself...i know that I am a bit too young to say this but MAY GOD BLESS YOU!
Siddhant Nadkarni

once again thank you
james e beistle

I am 40 year old and have started studying mathematics to make a career in Machine learning. I started following your videos on MIT OCW and then searched for more and found this site. I am using this site to teach my 9 year old son. Thank you for helping us to understand mathematics.
Sameer Chaudhari

This is seems like quite an amazing web site for learning mathematics and I salute you for this valiant effort. I want to use it for revisiting algebra in the near future. Can donations be mailed somewhere? Thank you for all you do Dr. Gross. B. Meaney
Bernard Meaney

teaching english
Zerro shirwani

Hi Prof. Gross, I just want to wish you and your family and beautiful Happy New Year 2016! Kind regards, Lisandra
Lisandra Jimenez

Herb is a great man with a clear understanding and love of math. More importantly though, is that Herb loves people--especially children with a need. That's why we should all try to help Herb bring his awesome teaching methods to the elementary teachers of the world, with the goal of showing kids everywhere that there is no need to fear math.
Steve D.

Professor Gross is truly amazing! He has opened my eyes and mind to math as no one else. May he live to be 120! :-) Shalom, Ezra
Ezra Steinberg

thanks for the splendid work. really I like your approach to make mathematics simple, I am very interested in mathmatics and this help me to learn it

I have a question. I understood trigonometry because teachers defined it as the study of right angled triangles and their relationships to their sides. It was a great focus point for me. But to this day, I have never had such a focus point for algebra. They say algebra is a math in it's own right separate from arithmetic. Would someone for the love of God please explain this, and explain also what is algebra? Ok that's 2 questions Thanks
keith holt

Professor Gross you are GOD of mathematics, you are just awesome, you actually teach what mathematics is all about, where did it come from. I love you a lot. You are a rock star. I love the way you say "Hi" in the begining of lectures.
Ashish Sandhu

This site is a very useful resource of what students need and how to approach the problem of inculcating the Knowledge into their minds.
Zor Shekhtman

I have no words to thank you for your 1970 Revisited Classes about Calculus. I have never listen such a gem about teaching a mathematical topic, specially Calculus. Thank you again. I admire your work. Your course has always the exact word at the exact time !!! Gustavo.

Dear Professor Gross a sincere THANK YOU! This is the best set of lectures to really understand where Mathematics comes from. I am a 23 old guy who likes calculus, probability and stochastic processes. Yet watching this new series of lectures gives a huge understanding of fundamental concepts of Arithmetic that are often left aside in the normal school curricula. I suggest these lectures not only to kids and parents who help their kids but also to people who like advanced mathematics. Everyone (also university students) who will watch these amazing videos will be better off and will have a stronger understanding of the roots of Mathematics. Thank you Professor!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know I watched in happy amazement again this year as my class picked up the "rules" about adding and subtracting fractions quickly and easily again this year. The adjective-noun idea solves ALL the confusion for them. I watched several students add both numerators and denominators on a quick assessment before instruction really started, so I know they didn't come with this knowledge. Thank you so much for an effective way to teach this important concept. <3
Kim Arnold

Dear prof. Herb Gross, It's the second time I sign here but this time I want to report about a mistake in the following video: I think there the numerator should be: /A/^2+/B/^2-/A-B/^2 I come by this video when I was studying Laplace Equation and it still so helpful. Thanks for making this is an immortal gift.
Mohamed Ouda

I love the connections of math to language. However, reference to number as an adjective confuses me. I question whether or not it might be better to refer to numeral as an adjective instead of number. Math Recovery talks about the usage of number versus numeral as well as consulting the dictionary definition confirms numeral to be the adjective. Great connections on your site. I believe we move too fast from the concrete to abstract and thus students would benefit from more addition facts taught with example like your power points on addition. Thanks, Elizabeth Baxter
Elizabeh Baxter

Just come to say thank you. You are unique. BTW, what an awesome smile
Mohamed Ouda

Prof. Herb Has changed my life by making math so easy and fun. I have been using his courses for years and the results have been fascinating. Complex formulas explained in his simple language that everybody can understand. My life will never be the same. Words can't explain what I own you for having such a helpful hard. Thank you for making such a commitment to make math so fun!!! Sibiri

I'm excited to tell you that you have saved another one of my clients’ “lives” The latest is a very bright young man, 16 years of age, whom I hope you will one day meet. He is at a therapeutic school, but it had no positive effect in helping him to overcome his “math aversion” problem. He would do every subject with enthusiasm, except, he just couldn't "do math." All of the incentives in the education world, all the disincentives for shirking his mathematical duties, could not get him to feign enthusiasm for the subject.The school, which has classes of two, three or four students, finally got him an individual tutor. So now he was trapped. He couldn't get out of math work, but still he couldn't learn. Last week I emailed the academic head of the school and gave her the story of your website and how it helped many others. I told them that if they hunted around they might find some of your older videos, and might be entertained by a wonderful raconteur while considering a different way of looking at math...The head of school says: "I love it" and will pass it along to the tutor. The client in question has already looked at the website, and he would like me to tell you that it gives him hope and that he likes it!.. But most of all, and what brings me the greatest happiness is that he says: "Marsha, Herb is Really Funny. I love the way he talks." And in my mind what he says is the highest compliment of all. It's the total YOU that makes this unique approach so remarkable.I wanted you to know that he is quite a bit less despondent today, and part of that is the hope that you've given him.
Marsha Stevens

Great information for an online course I will be teaching.

Dear Prof Gross and Rick, This site is absolutely fantastic. Your method of teaching maths is unique in that it shows the development of maths and thereby aids and fosters real understanding of the system we have in place today. You have definitely allowed me to see the beauty in maths, in its development, in its precision and in its descriptive usefulness. I hope to share this knowledge and method with my children as well as with their school. I hope more people will view this website and benefit from the gold that lies here.
Bradley from Australia

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I like the power points, thanks Rick
Lucca Kovac

Hi Herb and crew! I took your class in Corning this summer. Now I am back to work as a third grade teacher and am using your ideas while teaching lessons from the new state modules. Using nouns is proving helpful to my students understanding the beginnings of multiplication. We are sharing with our entire staff on Tuesday your sites in hopes it will be helpful to them as well. It definitely provides another tool for us especially for students who need more time. Thank you! I hope to take part two soon.
stacy merrill

My class had their first adjective-noun lesson on the second day of school! It was one of those rare math lessons when you could feel it just click with everyone. We also tried the "Guess my noun" powerpoint and used the handout as our problem of the week. It was a short week, but the class worked really hard on the activity. Thank you all for the great resources. I can tell they will make a huge difference this year!
Kim Arnold

The resources that are available to us are wonderful to use with your students. They are user friendly and they follow the standards! Also, the concepts help the students understand the math concepts! Thank you all for providing such a great opportunity to learn a new way to make math come alive!
Jean Hogue

Going through the presentation materials and then the example power points after the class is a helpful review. We'll see what it's like in September to refresh...I think it will work well.
Kathy Broderick

Just read your 2003 essay (after recommending your adjectivenounmath site to a friend jus the other day). I presume this is the latest and greatest site. Hope you are well!
mark ptak

Professor Gross, you are a REAL Professor! I Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your words and hands to bless people with the consciousness to THINK. You internalizing math is a blessing to me, while I am studyng calculus from your website and MIT calculus revisited. May The Lord remember all of your good deeds that you do for people. Bless You! Valdora
valdora avery

Dear Prof. Herb Gross, I want to thank you so much for your "Calculus Revisited" course. You teach everything in such a beautiful, deep and elegant way. Thank you and I bless you with much health and happiness.

Herb, you are a joy to listen to. You have a wonderful way of explaining mathematical ideas, and an enthusiasm that is contagious. If only all mathematics teachers were like you! Thank you so much for providing this valuable web resource.
Raoul Golan

Hi Herb, I am very impressed by what I see on your website. If every school in America had professors/teachers like you the whole would be so much better off. I wish I had you when I went to school.
Bonnie Beals

Hi Herb and associates! The best year of my teaching career was the year I trained as a Math Coach at Roosevelt Middle School. Thank you for all you taugt us back then! I will be retiring in Dec. 2013. Many good wishes to you! Sincerely, Carol
Carol Rheaume

Just looked back over my notes from this summer and I was amazed at what you taught us in a few days. Fond memories. Thanks.
Doreen Bonomo

Hi, Herb, I'm in the process of recommending this site to the other teachers I'm working with at a virtual Grade 6-12 school near E. Lansing, MI. Regardless of whether they use it, I know that I will be sending many of my students here to look at your excellent videos and to get a "dose of Gross." :) All the best, Michael
Michael Paul Goldenberg

The two calculus courses are providing me with a fantastic review of background materials, when necessary, for topology which I am studying now. Professor Gross is a master teacher. I am astounded by the clarity, organization, and compactness of his lectures, and his lovely board-work. I enjoy his homespun humor which is often at the same time profound. (I am a professor of philosophy at The Catholic University of America.)
Michael Pakaluk

Dear Mr. Gross, Thank you for the the work you do. I am starting your Arithmetic course from the beginning. I have taken up to Linear Algebra but I feel I have some holes in my math background so I am fixing it. Thanks a lot.
Vinod Thomas

I came across your lectures while searching through YouTube for lectures on differential equations. I was amazed not just by the delivery and the enthusiastic way you presented the lectures but also by your great communication skills. The lucid manner you explained mathematical concepts was phenomenal. Then afterwards, while reading criticisms of the Khan Academy, I came across a reference to your website and a reply you made to a previous comment by one Goldenberg. Since then, I have read your responses to various sites that write about your videos. What diligence and passion for teaching! I must say you are a highly polite man. Thank you Prof. Herb Gross. From Nigeria, Kano State.
Mukhtar Aminu Tajuddeen

Thank you professor Herb for your awesome work and for sharing all this material. I've never had a professor like you and it was such a pleasure to discover this site. Your lectures taught me to see math in a way i had never before. I really Hope that this website will spread as much as possibile. Thank you again to professor professor Herb and all the people who contibuted to it.
Juxhino Kavaja

I stumbled upon your video lectures on MIT's YouTube page. All I can say is wow, they are really good. Thank you.
Adam Grochowski

Thank you so much! I just watched the first video lecture by Herb Gross on the development of place value and am ultra-mega-super-duper inspired to jump back into learning math and science now in my late 30s!
Marcelo Lince

Im interested on your course
Aldo Bocanegra Grimado Ramirez Avila

Greatly impressed by your style of teaching mathematics and you deep insight about the subject. God bless you.
Tariq Jamil

Dear Prof. Gross: My 16 year old who has math aptitude but no interest saw me viewing your course on Single Variable Calculus. Within 10 minutes, he was hooked, as I had been, with a subject I last studied as a chem major in 1964-5. If we had teachers like you teaching STEM courses, teens would beat down the doors of their high schools to enroll. Bravo. And thank you.
Alan Biederman

Thank You very much for your efforts. You are helping provide meaning to many lives.

Hi just wanted to learn to teach my grandkids fun math. Just watching tv and they said math is like learning a language so been looking up on internet and came across your page. Didn't see place where tells how much this costs? and can order book on it? thanks
hazel rogowski

Thank you. Your lectures help me sate my curiosity about WHY mathematics works as it does.
Don Brandon

Dear Prof. Gross, I am a french physics professor in a school of engineering near Paris. My students sometimes need a refresher in some areas of mathematics, and your lectures are an inspiration to me. I wish you all the best, Biz hundert und tsvanzik! Gilbert Morain. I wish to express my gratitude and
Gilbert Morain

excellent basics by a legend

I found Prof Gross' course "Calculus Revisited" while taking another MIT course. It's the best course on calculus I've seen on-line or attended in person. The analytical approach supported by geometric interpretations is brilliantly done and gives meaning to abstract symbols, their manipulations and to math concepts. I highly recommend it. Although I am not a teacher, I do tutor my grandchildren, have been since Kindegarten. And, I hope to start tutoring 5 children in the neighborhood ranging in grade level from kindergarten to 4th grade. The thoughts and advice on teaching math found on Prof. Gross' website will I believe (based on my experience with "Calculus Revisited"), help enormously in making math come alive for these children, and who knows, possibly lead them on a course which otherwise might not have been an option.
Robert Vondra

Thank you!
Loren Spencer

Thanks for the splendid work you have done and congratulationsThanks for your gift to all of us it is a blessing to the world to have you. We wish you good health and a 100th year birthday celebration !!! We will be there with you! Keep that wonderful, mischievous smile that ligths up your face and makes us feel blessed we shared a moment of your life. Thanks again.

excellent work.... u changed my perception towards maths...thank u so much sir

i appreciate for the way he makes mathematics simple
deepak pandey

I love tally marks... They can be much more powerful if used in a place-order system. Please see the powerpoint presentation at
Joel Steinberg

I really like your approach to arithmetic, especially the arithmetic of the natural numbers... I am now a student, or a teacher (at least not in the formal sense), but I am very interested in arithmetic and geometry...

Hi, Master the basics of Mathematics ( as in, Arithmetic ) and know why you're doing what you're doing, and before you know it you're learning differential equations just for FUN. Well, that's been my experience with Mathematics until now. Anyway, from one left handed person to another; I love your style Mr Gross. Why do I like your style? Because you explain why; that's why. Cheers from Australia Terry C
Terry Charalambous

I'm grateful to you for posting these resources on internet.
Sanjay Singh

Thanks! I watched one of the Calculus revisited videos and now want to watch the whole series. What a huge help to me. I am so glad for this resource.:)
Cyndy Jacobsen

Enjoying reviewing and learning greatly from Calculus Revisited.. a real treasure. Many thanks for making it widely and freely available. G Evans Lymington England, UK (Google, looked up professor Gross after seeing lectures on MIT opencourseware)
George Evans

I always wished I had an older or younger brother to guide me along with maths. Im near the end of your polynomial lectures and can`t wait to get to line integrals and Green`s theorem etc but for the moment the next lecture in itself will be a joy. Many thanks ! An eng. graduate refreshing what I should have known!!!!
John Kelly

Dear Prof. Gross, Thank you for creating the Calculus Revisited course - it is very well done and I appreciated watching the videos. I am currently an engineering graduate student, and I've been watching one lecture/day as a refresher. In fact, it has been as much a learning experience as a refresher for me because your presentation of the material is very insightful. Thanks again & best regards, ~Justin
Justin Beroz

Thank you for providing such an excellent and complete set of videos. They are the best I have seen yet on making calculus understandable. Well done.
Glenn Morrissey

Great stuff. Nice to see that there were resources like this being created before there was a World Wide Web to distribute them on. :)
Michael Paul Goldenberg

This message of thanks is directly to Professor Gross ,whose videos on Calculus Revisited, has made my retirement, a fantastic opportunity to revisit, mathematics that I learned in Graduate School, back in early seventies. The world is a much richer and fulfilling place because of teachers that educate and inspire. In my humble opinion, professor Gross is indeed such teacher. Abundance of respect and appreciation from this quarter.
Bijan Minaee

I have just started your OCW Calculus Revisited course. At last I got into MIT! In 1973, when I worked in Cambridge putting my then husband through Harvard Law, I took my courage in hand, went to the MIT campus and asked for an application. They wouldn't even give me a catalogue since they only took students right out of high school at that time. I have had a good life but it might have been a quite different one if MIT had considered me then. How good that these courses are now available online. So thank you so much for this course: you are an excellent teacher. I send you a virtual hug!
Ellen Coen Suydam

I know Dr. Herb Gross by having watched his 'Calculus Revisited' at MIT OCW and believe it is a classical master piece. To visit this site is to express my thankfulness to the great creator of the same.
Gajendra Singh

really cool idea:) provides support all around...teachers, admin, parents, and learners. happy to see and get to use the powerpoints. thanks!
Gala Edgar

I hope that the recognised limitations of the 4 dimensions we inhabit enable my heartfelt appreciation to reach professor Gross. Great lectures!
Dean Wright

Dear Prof. Gross, Thank you for your amazing teaching style and your efforts. Your video lectures on Complex variables has profoundly assisted me with understanding what I used to believe to be convoluted complicated math when I went to engineering school some 18 years ago. Using your lecture videos, reading through notes and exercises, I was able to completely follow the material and I now understand what I just blindly assumed to be "Rules" much more clear and deeper.
Ali Alavi

I would just like to say thank you for all the resources on mathematics that you have produced in your career. I have been viewing the calculus revisited series and nowhere before have I seen instruction that is this comprehensive yet practical with a healthy dose of humor and wit. You have truly inspired me.
Rafael Rojas

Inspirational contribution to the math community. Thank you.
Kaddour Boukaabar

Prof. Herb Has changed my life by making math so easy and fun. I have been using his courses for years and the results have been fascinating. Complex formulas explained in his simple language that everybody can understand. My life will never be the same. Words can't explain what I own you for having such a helpful hard. Thank you for making such a commitment to make math so fun!!! Sibiri

Hello, Thank you ! I am so happy to have hound one established Professor believing in and sharing my vision of Math, as well as Math Education. Best regards, Maxime
Maxime Bassenne

Prof. Gros, thank you for your excellent lectures on mathematics. Your wonderful contributions have saved many struggling students!
Bill Nguyen

Your videos are so crystal clear, math is starting to seem very obvious to me where before I was lost. Thank you so much and I wish you many years doing what you do.
Shaina Murphy

Thank you professor gross!!!
james brossard

Herb, All the best. I spoke with Tom Murphy yesterday at an annual get together we have and noticed the article about the SUNY Degree. I am retired now and spent my last 30 years teach Psychology at Tompkins Cortland CC in Dryden, NY. Chancellors Award Winner, Fulbright Teacher in England and now Professor Emeritus. Great career because of motivation from the contact with you! All the best Charlie McMullen.
Charles McMullen

Greetings Professor Gross, I'm not sure if I'm sending this is the correct place. I wanted to first express my gratitude for all the teaching resources you've provided. The way you teach mathematics is truly unique and as far as I've looked (and I've looked quite a lot), unparalleled. I was a "mathphobe", and now I am a computer engineering student who enjoys math. I really would like your resources to reach others and make the difference it's made for me. With regards to this, I have merged the resources into entire books and am in the process of bookmarking the chapters and sections. Would you think it helpful if I were to send them to you when I am finished? I also wanted to upload your books onto a sharing site called Is this okay with you? Sincerely, Stephan

Dearest Professor Gross, I have waited for you my whole life. At 55 I have found you by divine providence. I want to be a mathematician. I am excited to re-begin that journey with you!
Annette Louise Murrell

I'm excited to tell you that you have saved another one of my clients’ “lives” The latest is a very bright young man, 16 years of age, whom I hope you will one day meet. He is at a therapeutic school, but it had no positive effect in helping him to overcome his “math aversion” problem. He would do every subject with enthusiasm, except, he just couldn't "do math." All of the incentives in the education world, all the disincentives for shirking his mathematical duties, could not get Seth to feign enthusiasm for the subject.The school, which has classes of two, three or four students, finally got him an individual tutor. So now he was trapped. He couldn't get out of math work, but still he couldn't learn. Last week I emailed the academic head of the school and gave her the story of your website and how it helped many others. I told them that if they hunted around they might find some of your older videos, and might be entertained by a wonderful raconteur while considering a different way of looking at math...The head of school says: "I love it" and will pass it along to the tutor. The client in question has already looked at the website, and he would like me to tell you that it gives him hope and that he likes it!.. But most of all, and what brings me the greatest happiness is that he says: "Marsha, Herb is Really Funny. I love the way he talks." And in my mind what he says is the highest compliment of all. It's the total YOU that makes this unique approach so remarkable.I wanted you to know that he is quite a bit less despondent today, and part of that is the hope that you've given him.
Marsha Stevens

Dear Herb, You saved another kid today!!

Dear Herb, I am watching your algebra videos, and I went over the algebra PowerPoint files. I think they are excellent! I have seen so much non-sense printed as algebra that I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see your treatment of the subject in the videos. I have tried for many years to convey mathematical concepts to my students in ways that make logical sense, and at the same time satisfy some intellectual need. Your teaching method creates intellectual needs (dots?), and logically connects them in ways that leaves no ambiguity. In your lessons, you create “goldilocks” amount of pedagogical confusion, and then, skillfully, lead the learner out of it to understanding! Great job! I like to use your materials in a honors algebra course ( I talked to the chairperson about your work, and he okayed offering a honors algebra course in the fall). Please let me know your conditions of using your videos, PowerPoints, etc.. Thanks.
Reza Khadem

Herb Gross must be considered among the premiere mathematics instructors in the United States. Even today, we'll into retirement, he still takes time out of his busy schedule to assist people struggling with various math topics. I highly recommend Professor Gross' materials. I jgive a particular plug to his materials from the "Calculus Revisited" series. Don't let the fact that the videos were filmed in 1971 turn you away. This is first-rate instruction, which will help anyone learn Calculus old school. I have considered many sources (especially on the internet) and Professor's Gross' materials are second to none!
Richard Hill

Dear Prof. Herbert Gross: Thank you very much for making your extraordinary lectures available on the Internet, for free. It is a privilege to watch them.
Helder Durão

Dear respected Sir Herb, nobody could even perhaps think to provide this kind of study materials for free, but you did and this is all because you are great. I just want to say that you are are really, as written on the home page of this site, A MASTER TEACHER. You are in fact immortal because you'll be always in our hearts and minds.You are an incredible person. I, my brother and sisters love to see your lecture videos and we all love you. Thank You Very Much.

Congratulations on your unique approach!
Bill Driscoll

Dear Professor Gross, Just wanted to let you know that I started listening to your arithmetic course today. I have just listened to the preface and it is the first time I have ever felt that someone understood what confused me about maths. Your differentiating between the concept and the language was so meaningful for me. You have really given me hope that I can work hard, enjoy and really grow through your lectures to understand the mysterious, but uniquely beautiful language of maths. Strangely enough, the way I found your lectures was that I thought it would be great to name a maths book "maths as a second language". I typed it into google and found your website. Now I am very excited to go through your course and see how much I can learn. Thanking you in advance
Bradley from Australia

What an extraordinary inspirational man! This work by Professor Gross is priceless. A professor of Mathematics from arguably the world's pre-eminent technical University, so humble that elementary arithmetic is taught with as much vigour and passion as he does with advanced calculus. All this whilst taking the road-less-travelled by expounding on the "why" of maths to aid learning. Thank you Professor Gross.
Henry Cilia

Donnie Raimon

I'm looking forward to review and create a new journey with mathematics. As they say, one needs to take a step back before leaping forward! Thank you for bringing this out in me Professor Gross!

I was entertained by a student question, "what is this Thomas book Prof. Gross keeps talking about?" I still have mine from 18.01 and 18.02 from 1958-59. I came across your "Calculus Revisited" pumping up for our Fall semester Circuits class. I graduated in Course V but, after all, Calculus is Calculus. I am a retired Medical Doctor but help teach the Circuits and Electrical Devices class as an Adjunct at Midwestern State University School of Mechanical Engineering here in Texas. I am going to recommend this series for my students, many of whom have a very rudimentary Calculus background. And I will hang on to my Thomas! Great course - even in black and white :)
Richard Sutton

Prof. Gross you have completely changed my view of calculus. Your lectures are engaging, clear and profoundly insightful. The way you present an idea from different perspective gives us a better understanding of the concepts. I like many other students am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Hi! I Love your video lectures at the Center for Advanced Engineering Studies in MIT Mr. Gross. You are the best!
Oscar Cisneros

Just a note of gratitude for your fascinating lectures on the calculus - there was no internet when I was in school and none of my teachers wanted to discuss with me the joys of e-super-i-pi equaling -1 - things would have been very different if I had had instruction like yours but my teachers didn't care about going off-textbook - a million thank yous sir!
Keith Behrens

Researching ideas on tutoring math
Lawrence winkler

To B. Meany: I tried to write to you but it seems that the email adress you listed might be incorrect. Please write to me at the email address above and I will respond to your message. Thanks for writing!
Herb Gross

I love math but it has never been reciprocal. Couldn't get on with it like I wished that I could. But, I never forgot seeing a few of your lectures on WGBH Boston in 1970 and being fascinated by all that crazy wonderful language on your blackboards. Despite my math phobia I just had to copy down the board fast as possible and was having so much fun, because I guess I pretended to be a brain. Anyway, glad to have found the prof back on youtube and reminiscing to the 70s. There is something special about how you teach and how you are always sure to smile often.
B. Meaney

Prof.Gross is a great professor and he has a unique simple way to deliver maths. I am really honored to listen to him and to learn from him.

Dear Herb, It is a tragedy that these videos have been hidden for the greater part of 40 years. Although I have graduated with an engineering degree and went as far as Calc III, I succeeded through memorization and heavy reliance on "cheat sheets" where professors allow students to bring one page of written notes, materials, and equations. Watching your videos have re inspired and brought about feelings and emotions of wonder that I haven't felt since I was 8 years old. If humans ever develop the technology for immortality our best candidate would have to be you for your ability to teach and breakdown information. I can't tell you how happy I am to have discovered your videos and how much I enjoy starting my day over a bowl of cereal and one of your videos. Technology is pretty amazing huh? Who would have thought that a single human being could impact so many other people without ever meeting them. Warmest regards, Michael

I came across the best possible videos of Calculus distance learning I've ever seen!
uver santa cruz

Mr. Gross thanks for your great videos on calculus. You have no idea how much this helps.
Stephen Craffen

I'm starting with MIT OCW "Calculus Revisited" right now for refreshing and bridging gaps. Prof. Gross remembers me of my fantastic first teachers. Clarity, order, depth... Even those beautiful and clean blackboards are a pleasure to the eye, much more than those computer-made slides of our days. Being a professor myself, I'm really captivated by these lectures, the style of teaching: nothing but the subject matter and the engagement of the lecturer shedding light on difficult concepts as if they were the most natural thing in the world, step by step, peacefully and totally to the point. An unexpected treasure. Many thanks!

I saw Herb on the MIT open courseware videos. After watching several videos, I found myself almost giddy-- and that's saying something. His organizational, presentational, and communication skills are not just top notch, they surpass those of any professor I have ever had. Most instructors teach to the book, or give you the rules with added explanation. Dr. (or Mr.?) Gross infuses mathematical wisdom along the way, seamlessly tying one concept to another, expanding upon trains of thought--which would be self contained snippets under the tutelage of ordinary men--into mellifluous threads of understanding that paint what feels like a complete picture. You are left with a tapestry of knowledge as opposed to a few pieces of fabric. Compared to him, regular lectures feel 1 dimensional and curt. He is a gift not just to mathematical education, but to the entire educational profession. Thank you Herb.
Justin K

Interesting website, i read it but i still have a few questions. shoot me an email and we will talk more becasue i may have an interesting idea for you.
Hollie Proto

Professor Gross, John Downey at BRCC copied us on your email to him just now. Our math faculty have been talking more and more about math as a language. Your projects are very interesting. My interest so far has been mostly about how linguistic metaphors help us understand math. But I sense that it's just a short step from that to thinking of math as its own language. BTW, I love the organization you founded, AMATYC. It's been a lovely place for me to present all my crazy ideas! I just got done serving a couple years as a VMATYC regional vice president. And, BTW, nice web site.
TJ Johnson

The videos by Herb Gross are so great that I can help expressing my gratefulness! They solved so many puzzles that I have encountered ever since I started learning primary math. Really appreciate your work!
LAU Jeon Zing

I came upon Calculus Revisited in my web-search for learning information. As an older returning student, I allowed calculus to recently defeat me in the classroom. Professor Gross's 1970 lecture series is helping me to gain comprehension of "high school math + the concept of limit." I am using home study effort. The lectures are truly well done, and remain in quite good shape.
Mark Wandrey

Herb, I met you in the 1990s when I taught at Mass. Bay Community College. I am changing my Framingham State University computer science courses to be more self-paced, based on what I learned from you 20 years ago. I will share the results. Higher ed is moving slowly in the direction that you have pointed -- David
David M. Keil

This site is truly a wonderful resource for aspirants of Mathematics.
Sravan Vedala

Thank you
Jorge Arroyo

Herb, you are a joy to listen to. You have a wonderful way of explaining mathematical ideas, and an enthusiasm that is contagious. If only all mathematics teachers were like you! Thank you so much for providing this valuable web resource.
Raoul Golan

sir I want you to guide my son who will be finishing precalculus course from coursera and Iwant to teach him calculus,do I start revisted calculus from open course ware single variable or should I do calculus from www.adjectivenoun maths .com,please kindly guide me for the same.
roma bagi

Excellent resource. Very grateful for for these courses on Algebra where Prof. Gross gives a clear and insightful introduction to the subject, giving me a firm foundation from which to progress further.

I had trouble with my math homework today. So I went on this website to learn a little bit more without memorizing. Our school teaches us how to get the right answer but we don't learn why all of that works. When you don't understand it, it's easy to make a mistake and not even know you have made one. I really liked the powerpoint. It was on fractions I've always known how to do fractions but now I have a greater understanding of what they mean. The website is great and I will be on it a lot as go through school.
Josh Goodman (Herb Gross's Grandson)

thank you for the sharing of his work
Liam je Bestle

Your presentations on calculus are amazing. True that fundamentals have to be strong before going for an advanced course.

I recently discovered the MIT courses from the 1970s and wanted to know how Herb was doing. I am glad to see all is well and tell him how much I enjoy his course which I share with my kids
Noel Vaillant

I have been working my way through the Calculus Revisited series for the past several months, and I have only good things to say about it. My career after college took me away from the world of math and academia, and now that I want to return and pursue a graduate degree, Professor Gross's videos and course materials are the perfect way to get back up to speed in college-level math. His keen insights into the subject combined with a strong desire to explain it in common sense language make relearning calculus with him a joy.
Rob Yatteau

Rick, Thank you so much for posting all of your wonderful powerpoints on this site! I have been able to incorporate some of them into my teaching at the fourth grade level.
Jen Haischer

I've recently begun working towards a PhD in Computing Science and have been struggling with deciphering mathematical notation. I think that the resources on this website are the metaphorical boost that I need to get over this particular stumbling block, thank you!
Chris Powell

looking for collaborators for online public ed solutions.
Jeremy Donson

I am a high school math (algebra 2) and chemistry teacher. I found your videos on the MIT OCW site and I couldn't be more pleased with them. So far they are a perfect review of calculus, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the great resource.

What a wonderful resource for teachers AND students!
Marlene McIntosh

A flying cheese box....I'm still laughing.
mark ptak

i would like to learn more in mathematics.

Thanks!...You are legent!....I admire you!
Josh Durnel

Thank you very much!
George Giannatos

Wonderful Site.. I have not come across a more comprehensive math learning aid!
Lakshmi Narasimhan

Dear Professor Gross, I teach Biostatistics at the Med School at Florida State University and often get students that want to do research in the summer but are terrified of basic statistics because they do not have to take it as undergraduates. I "suggest" that the view your video/film exposition of the Calculus along with Professor Strang's course in Calculus and Linear Algebra. Your teachings are invaluable as they are clear, concise and, more importantly, an approach to mathematics that I imagine everyone wishes they had the opportunity to have as an undergraduate. My summer study students dread the idea of revisiting calculus in the form of videos. However, they invariably come from your lectures feeling that they now understand what all the fuss was about and how important math is to the study and research in the clinical sciences. When that happens, moving into basic statistics is like crossing the street. Thanks for all you have done, Charlie Saunders Asst. Professor FSU College of Medicine Division of Health Affairs Suite 4225 C 1115 W. Call St. Tallahassee, FL 32306 850-645-2516
Charlie Saunders

Thank you very much for your great knowledge and wonderfully elegant and simple explanation; I have never seen anything like that. I am addicted to your calculus revisited course as an engineering student.
Ahmed Aboutaleb

what i can say i am totaly speechless...if i say that it is very good or very then according to me it is your insult .....these words can not define you...these words are only upto your according to me you are far higher than these words.........
sandy singh

Herb, your presentation of mathematics having the "adjective-noun" theme elucidates the coherence, focus and reasoning of this collection of ideas. As a former math department chair in New Bedford, MA and current district-wide curriculum developer around the new Common Core standards in New York City with KIPP (a network of charter schools nationwide), I find your videos and coursework to be helpful in finding the threads that stitch mathematics together so beautifully. When I first watched your videos two years ago, I began immediately adopting the "adjective-noun" theme because it resonates with clear conceptual understanding. I plan to roll these videos out to my staff in the near future, and I have recommended your site to viewers worldwide who visit my YouTube channel entitled "Common Core Math with Mr. Almeida." Having met with you in person and over dinner, I can attest to far more than simply your breadth of knowledge and ease with communicating it. You are a warm soul, a kind person, and one that I am honored to know! Thank you, Herb!
Joseph Almeida

Very good stuff, really like your MIT videos of Calculus Revisited
Jose Gascon

I started studying with Prof. Gross' Single Variable lectures abou a year ago. We even exchanged a few emails, and I think he is ahead by one. He even sent me a photo of his wife and him posed in a very informal manner. I hope that his health is good, and I want to again offer my thanks for his (y'all's) providing such a great course to the public. I am in process of completing the last section on infinite series and uniform convergence which supplies me with the intellectual challenge I assigned myself to master. If I can't master the material, the failure will be mine alone. I cannot locate Professor Gross' email address. If possible, please forward thesevwords to him with my regards and my appreciation. Sincerely, Tims Quinn I took a "sabbatical" for six months, but I am now completing the final lectures on infinite series.
Tims Quinn

What a nice find! A very good source of high quality instructional materials. Wish I had known about you years ago.
Charles Highsmith

Fantastic egalitarian site! We wondered what he had in mind back when when Bill Gates promised free online education for everybody and look what we got - Sal Khan! (not bad for starters). Keep up the fine work. Thanks a million!
John Boon

Professor Gross, Thanks so much for making your online Calculus Revisited courses available. I absolutely love them. I also enjoy the exercises. I wish the solutions to the (L), or optional, problems on the problem sets were made available. I work as an engineer developing radar systems for the department of defense and most of the mathematical principles that we use are simply used as is and hardly anyone can prove them or know the origins. This isn't enough for me and so I sought to learn more of the theory that I have long forgotten. For example at work we make heavy use of Euler's relation. The other day I overheard some of the younger engineers ask where that comes from. Believe it or not many (most?) of my coworkers cannot prove that e^(i*theta) = cos(theta) + i*sin(theta) for theta an angle in radians and i=sqrt(-1) even if you tell them to use a Taylor series expansion of sine and cosine. I also realized there were some basic principles that I could not prove either so I decided to relearn things I had forgotten. It's been great fun relearning some of the calculus that I have forgotten but whose principles I use on a daily basis. Thanks again!
Pete Karousos

I enjoyed reading the essays posted by Herb Gross. Being very fond of math, and having an interest in education, his words resonated with me. Sometimes I ask myself what will I do with a degree in electrical engineering and applied mathematics? The only answer that REALLY seems to make any sense is for me to keep-on learning, and teach.

A True Mathematician can teach like this unlike applied ones.Exceptional..........
Hari Krishna Mishra

Hi all, I have to say, the Calculus Revisited slides have been incredibly useful to me this year so far. :) They've helped me gain an advantage in my coursework that I didn't previously think was possible, due to my study habits this semester. I'm now looking forward to a potential HD for Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus, something I thought was just out of reach earlier. I work on my own maths resources, designed to give students help and support in high school mathematics. I have to say, the stuff that is on here is fantastic, and I've written a short post on my own blog so my readers know this site exists, :). I hope you'll take the time out to read it, :) The link is here: To who this may concern, and I hope you'll have the time to take a look! :) Thanks again for your help, Herb. :)
Joshua Young

The new site looks great so far! I do suggest changing the blue green and white colors on the "One Unifying Thread" page though. I can't wait until it is complete!
Erin F. Medeiros

I am an Argentinian OCW supporter , informatics engineering student and I have found Herb Revisited Videos to be so easy to follow, much more than 18.01 and 18.02, next I found this site which has a lot of good material, Just congratulations.
luciano olmedo

Terrific website for elementary teachers! I will pass it on to my former colleagues.
Mary Ann Bell

Sir the pythogras proff oh my god my son liked it he said it is so easy and our proffessor made so difficult every day i have a duty to down load your lecture thanks sir.
dr roma bagi

This is avery good website. I think it holds the key to approaching the teaching of math in a way that can be more effective than the traditional approaches. Best wishes to you to continue this great effort!
Julius Cobb

Thanks for your presentation today at the Palace Theater. visiting site now and will make great use of it and be in touch :)
Geri Furterer

the algebra course is excellent i would like to know if you have a trignometry course for std 9th.
roma bagi

Prof. Gross: Your mathematics lectures are the best that I have ever seen. You raise the bar for us all with the obvious passion for your subject, and for the mastery and clarity of your lectures. I wish you had been my teacher in earlier years! Your educational tapes do a great service to all who seek understanding of mathematics
Dr. James C. Boyd

Wonderful concept in making math fun.
Alamin Adam

I was trying to find some assistance for understanding the partial chain rule for Vector Calculus, and your video from Calculus Revisited was incredibly useful. I'm now looking at Vector Subspaces, with the hope that this material will really help me understand. :)

Excellent from Spain Best regards, Juan
Juan Antonio

Dear Professor Gross; I am very grateful for your efforts in putting together such a wonderful course (Calculus Revisited), this beautiful website, and all your hard work in educating others. You are a true scholar and a fine gentleman. Best Regards
Reza Montazami

Hi! I wish to visit Your site and see how You do teach and present materials related to the field of Math Best regards! D. Senic
dejan senic

Im really grateful to you for building up such a beautiful website. Mathematics has always been my first love and Im so glad that you are providing such wonderful compiled work for free of charge to anyone who is interested in Math! Kudos for your efforts. May it inspire you to replicate such efforts in even more specialised courses. World would be a much better place if we all make concious efforts on larger indiscriminate dispersal of knowledge. Thank you,
Anshul Garg

A fantanstic resource for those who learned calculus but need a refresh!
Bin Hu

Thank you for making this resources available to everyone. I'm a high school student, and I'm currently going through your Calculus course. You are the best mathematics instructor I've ever heard, Regards, Ignacio
Ignacio Magana

Hi Herb, Nice to talk to you live the other day at Susan's. I'm so glad that my lack of math skills have kept you gainfully employed!
Howard Rubin

Hi “J Whit” I am extremely pleased that you are enjoying my MIT calculus course. My present goal is to try to do the same thing for those who are at the other end of the mathematics spectrum; namely those people who are intimidated by basic mathematics. My present website is designed for that purpose but my fear is that the people who could benefit the most form it, might not even know that my website exists. So if you have a chance to look at the material and like it, you could do me a huge favor by “spreading the news” to as many people as possible. In the meantime feel free to write to me personally at Once again, thank you for the very kind words!
Herb Gross

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to do these series. We will follow your courses with the respect and time they deserve, and we look forward to seeing results. Again, many thanks!
Jeanette Funderburk

I saw your guy holding the sign on The Today Show. I'm returning to school and math is a big deal to a 43 year old. These sites look very helpful...... Thank You..
Jay Brooke

Herb Gross is finest math teacher I never had, until now. His Calculus Revisited course is my all-time favorite math class, and I appreciate his friendly demeanor as much as I do his superb skills as an instructor. Herb is a mensch, and I am happy his great work lives on.
Victor Spooner

Could someone please tell me which are the textbooks used in the courses please, i really want to practice and to get deep knowledge. Thanks
Sebastian Puerto

I hope that if I get to retire one day, I can do something with as much value to others as what you're doing. Online education is one of the most exciting parts of the internet for me, because it means that even kids and adults with little opportunity can have at least a little bit of beauty in their world.
S Ghosh

Dear Mr. Gross, First off I wanted to say a sincere thank you for your production of work on "Gateway to Algebra" and "Calculus Revisited". I find that your teaching style and charisma makes it very easy to enjoy learning these subjects. My 15 year old daughter was having trouble with her Algebra homework, a subject that I barely passed 20+ years ago. So after some searching of online materials available I found Gateway to Algebra. Not only has it helped her immensely I have watched it along with Calculus Revisited and now feel that I have a much different outlook to the world having a better understanding of these subjects. During my search the first few online series on mathematics I found were so boring that they were difficult to stay alert while watching them. Your videos are simply engrossing and it is difficult to not share your enthusiasm for the subjects. My question for you is this: Do you know of any website that lists you as one of the great teachers of distance learning or online learning? That may also list teachers of other subjects? I feel fortunate to have found your courses but would very much like to find other great teachers in other subjects. Sincerely, Dean Plumber
Dean Plumber

Thank you for the great course! It was the word "revisited" in the title that persuaded me to download your lectures. I've been wanting to revisit all the math that I learned as an engineer, but from a more mathematical perspective. Thanks for helping me start fulfilling my wish!
Karl Vaden

Thank-you for all your work!
So Ghosh

Great videos!
Tom Eigelsbach

Herb's dedication to teaching math is absolutely inspiring! His videos explain concepts much better than any of my math teachers have. And to top it all off, Herb is incredibly friendly and responds to all comments and questions. I'm honored to consider him a friend!
Liz Krane

Hello Professor Gross, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Calculus Revisited course, which I started taking today. Congratulations, this is an enduring contribution to math teaching and it certainly already has and will keep contributing to many.
Arnaldo Cabral

Thank you for this wonderful website! I have forwarded this to my daughter (who loves math), and my sister-in-law (a mathematics professor at Western Michigan University). I wish you all the best with this project!
Jon Krause

I wish i had lecturers like you in my primary... Great fan of MIT OpenCourseWare.

Thank you so much for the effort to simplify mathematics and for free education.
Utkrist Adhikari

Wish I had access to such a resource 5-6 years ago.
Akshay Bist

I agree that teachers make math hard; I have returned to school after being out of that environment for over 30 years and it has been hard to say the least.
Merrie Ann Rodarmel

Thank you Professor Gross for your generosity and your contagious enthusiasm. Your approach is unique, yet when one begins to use it, it is so very natural. Thanks and may you & yours be blessed.
N. Noor

Thank you for your gift to the world Mr. Gross. Without sites like this I may never have the opportunity to learn this material.
Josh Barrick

As one of New Bedford's original Math Coaches.. you are a gift to this world Herb and Ken....This is an amazing website. Thank you !!
Elaine Santos

professor herb gross you do a commendable job making student feel thebeauty and power of mathemetics and doing basic algebra courses seen you calculas revisted high school level lecct's myself see basic pre-algebra courses bieng at undergraduate level thanks for your work

Thank you Professor Gross, you're an incredible teacher and communicator.
Paul Milner

Greetings! I am so excited to have found this website. I decided to "revisit" calculus, and in doing so found the OCW through MIT. I had no idea how charmed and re-inspired I would become through your (Prof. Gross) teaching - thank you! I keep having "aha" moments as I watch each video, and like a kid who wants to get to the next Harry Potter book, I can't wait to get to the next topic. So, thank you again. If you are giving any lectures in the area I would love to come to one and say "Hello!" Warm Regards, Deborah PS - I do not have a personal website, but this is my work website
Deborah Rose

I discovered Prof. Gross's lectures through MIT OCW - Calculus Revisited. And I was lucky to have interacted with him and he is so encouraging for his students. His lectures have renewed my interest in this subject in a very exciting way. All I would like to add about Prof. Gross here is that this world would be a better place with more dedicated people like him. Thank you for everything, sir. You are the best !

I'm just so so impressed by Professor Gross. I came across his 1960 lectures (Calculus Revisited) through Apple's ITunes U and thought to myself. Wouldn't it be nice if he had done something for kids/beginners. Lo and behold after a internet search on his name, I found this site. I'm trying to help my son & another boy using this site.
Edward O. Hamilton

Every time I wake up, the first thought I have is to watch a lecture of Gateways to Mathematics; be it arithmetic, algebra, or calculus. All this material acts as the foundations for any other course. It illuminates the paths the mind explores and it moves me to deepen on reality. I would like to draw an analogy to illustrate the important role mathematics has played since I got acquainted with this website. Studying mathematics makes me remember when I first drank and enjoyed fresh tangerine juice; an unforgetable flavor that suggests to me that the mechanisms of life are savory. Being one more of the many students Professor Gross has influenced, I thank him for having me taught one of the invaluable languages: mathematics. Iin Nahuatl: tlazohcamati miec temachtiani (thank you professor)

I'm a retired Dean of Instruction from Daley College in Chicago. Herb's approach is absolutely right: we can't educate unless we speak to people in ways they can understand. That is a key role of the community college movement. Bravo to Math as a Seconed Language!
Dan Landt

I am delighted that I came across your website. I am studying mathematics at the moment and I have found your resources very helpful. I particularly appreciate watching your videos, the wisdom you share in them and the warm smiles that are frequent in them. Thank you very much and God bless.
Miss Zaynab Hassan

I am anticipating an empty nest and have begun to dust off my math teaching credentials. I have been pondering further education and am very interested in the link between language acquisition and math. I googled "math as a second language" and landed right here. I've just begun to explore, but am fascinated already. I am seeing my own thoughts spoken by this man I didn't know existed until a week ago. My mind is churning with ideas for further study. Thanks for this wealth of material!
Cammie Owens

Dr. Gross is simply the best there is, and at any level. I went through Calculus Revisited, and actually enjoyed math for the first time. My wife is now having fun with algebra.
William Thornton

ok, thanks for your rapid answer, finally i have found part2 and 3 of calculus revisited, great work from professor herbert and his staff, thanks a lot.
smaili adam

i heared about your website from MIT opencooursewear; prof herbert gross did a great job, theses videos are very very well, i'm searching for calculus 2 and 3 if they are availabale some where, have a nice day, bye.
smaili adam

Dear Professor Gross, This website is truly a labor of love. I have learned more from you than any other math teachers and math websites combined. You truly take the fear out of math. I feel more confident now than ever. Thank you for investing in my life. I will make sure to spread the word about you. People must know about this treasure. With much love, Diony
Diony Victorin

Dear Prof. Gross, I stumbled upon your course, "Calculus Revisited," via Apple's iTunes U some months ago. I'm an engineer, of middle age, and I listen to your lectures during my commute sometimes. (The material is review for me so I can actually follow most installments from your words alone.) There are many calculus courses available through iTunes U, and of those I have sampled I must say your video lectures are far and away the most clear and engaging of the lot. It is difficult to say what makes a great teacher, and many have commented on your skills, but I think one of your talents is your ability to focus the student/viewer almost completely on the material itself as opposed to the characteristics of the lecturer. That's no easy trick, and you make it look easy. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the legacy of Calculus Revisited. I'm sure many, many people will benefit from these lectures for years to come. All the Best, Eric Diethorn
Eric Diethorn

Dr. Gross, at the risk of disappointing you, I must tell you that Madge was the person who told me about your work. I will contact your group about teacher training. The children nonetheless remembered the majority of what you taught on place value and its history.
j cummins

Best Regards Dr. Gross. I congratulate you for the great effort, professionalism and outstanding performance put on the excellent single variable calculus video lectures. I am a constant and loyal viewer of the MIT OCW educational lecture program on those courses related to my mechanical engineering degree. Please have my best wishes from Maracaibo, Venezuela, South America. Your work project (if decided to post) on multivariable calculus will be highly expected and appreciated.
Cicerón Romero

I liked the video on place value but my 10 year old and 7 year old were not too enthused oddly.Thank you all for your efforts!
j cummins

Great site and most important great initiative to help other people by getting this fabulous material. I'm using it to support my engineering course that I have just started. Thank you very much! The World need more people like you!
Frederico de Oliveira Fonseca

Professor Gross is an excellent lecturer. I find these videos invaluable as I struggle at 1/2 century of age attempting to relearn what I have forgotten and need to progress in my professional interests. Thank You
Dave Comer

The "AdjectiveNounMath" team is pleased to announce that Part 2 of Calculus Revisited" (Multivariate Calculus), including the videos, the problem sets anD supplementary notes, is now available for viewing on our website.
Herb Gross

Thank you all. I appreciate your work and it has help me greatly in providing content and guidance for me to teach math in the G.W. Hill correction Facility, Delware coounty, PA. Sincerely, Sanh Le, Ph.D.
Sanh Le

The calculus is excellent. Thank you. I am starting with the first course on the MIT site. I have glanced through Calc 2, but do not see the "supplementary notes". Where might I access them for Calc 2?
David Schlenker

I find myself needing to brush up my calculus skills after letting them get rusty for a few years, and so I'm working my way through the Calculus Revisited lectures on MIT OCW. They're definitely the most intuitive and well presented treatment of calculus I've come across. Really enjoying them, and just wanted to say thanks.
Laura Nolan

Hi Herb: Very happy to see that you are still helping the entire world to become math literate. You did good things at BHCC. I attended the retiree luncheon on May 3. I was hoping to see you there. Maybe next year. Best regards. Jim

I am a retired mathematics and science teacher, having taught many years in Hawaii, Russia and New Hampshire. These lectures(!) in arithmetic, algebra and calculus are the most clear, most well-thought-out and most perspicuous lessons in my forty years of experience in the profession. Herb's lectures should be models for every aspiring teacher to emulate, from kindergarden through graduate school! A real treasure!
Lawrence Braden

I am an attorney and have always been fascinated by mathematics and physics. Unfortunately I did poorly in hs and college mathematics and became discouraged and shied away form science and ended up practicing law. I am curious and want to hone my mathematical skills just to prove to myself that I can do it.
Tim Donohue

Wow! The lectures by Prof. Gross at MIT's site are "helpful" to say the least. Mucho gracious!

Hello Herb, I was referred to your website by my brother-in-law as a possible reference source for helping my son with his math and pre-algebra. The clarity I found in the basic math lessons led me to move further on and into your Calculus lecture. I wish I had a lecturer like you back in my engineering college days. I think thisis a great series and would be a particularly good resource for anyone, but particularly for teachers of math.
Tom Andresen

I encountered Herbert Gross's Calculus Revisited. I always felt, at school, there should be a subject where each step is concrete and comprehensible, an ediface of ideas. Herbert Gross presented mathematics as just such a unique, interconnected and analysable subject. No other subject has this. Thank you, Herbert Gross, for a series of lectures which was worth more than 15 years of schooling and personal thinking.
Darren Peck

Dear Herb: It was a pleasure to see you last Thursday in the Radisson after Rotary. A shame Corning never invited you to be a member. You may have been the elder professor at CCC instead of Walter Smith. I see there was a conclave of mathematics educators in town, that probably accounts for your presence, or did you come for the opening of trout season? All the best Dave Anderson -- former PE and Corning guy who had two apartment mates from MIT when I was in the Air Force at Wright Patterson. We became lifelong friends. Two engineers and a physicist, the latter still in the Boston area.
Dave Anderson

Herb Gross is the best math teacher I have ever known. It doesn't matter whether he is at the blackboard or you are reading something he has written. It is an absolute pleasure to use his materials no matter what your lvel of understanding may be. I highly recommend that you go to the www to see all of his materials. If you are a teacher you should assign his materials as required reading. Believe me, he is a better teacher than you are. This is true for arithmetic, algebra, precalculus, and calculus. Larry Shapoff
Larry Shapoff

I love your 'Infinite Series' lectures. You truly are a gifted lecturer. Thanks
Ken Mullen

Hi, again! I wonder, what number you'd put after 12? The raw is: 7,5,1,7,1,4,12,?,
Alexandr Ivanov

The very best wishes to you from Russia (St.-Petersburg). You are really good lector, moreover here in Russia we have always had a very strong math school that still helps Russian rockets be fast and well aimed despite the poor electronic. So, even my plain English gives me a pleasure to understand the new approach and exellent ideas you use in all these wonderfull videos. Once more, thanks for the well done job.
Alexandr Ivanov

Herb has a very fine communication talent. His Calculus Revisited course is top notch.
James M. Pothering

Hi Herb, I'm sure you don't remember me, but I am so excited to find you! I had you for 4 courses in the late 70's at BU's Metropolitan College. The courses were taught at Acton HS and possibly at our facility in Marlboro, I believe, mostly to employees of DEC. Over the years, your ears should have been burning, because I have sung your praises as a math teacher over and over, most recently this morning, when I posted this on a friend's page, after she commented on a jerk we had in high school who thought intimidation would get the math into our heads! "SMACK! Mr. Gouley's pointer comes down on my desk...what a great teaching tool...that really makes me relax, concentrate, and understand what you're saying! Just another in a long list of teachers that made me a math failure. I finally got a great math teacher in a night course at BU. He un-did all the damage, in two semesters, that had been done to me over the years in the Holliston Public School System. Bless you, Herb Gross..." Anyway, I don't know if you will accept my friend request, but I want you to know that I will never, ever forget you. I have 4 children now, 3 girls ages 24, 22, and 20, and a son who is 11. As my girls struggled with math over the years, I have always told them that they could learn all math, it just needed to be explained properly to them. Although my son is only in 5th grade, he looks like he may be a math whiz. We'll see... Thanks for everything, Jeanne (Tule) Murphy."
Jeanne Murphy

I enjoyed our "talks" at Anita's looking forward to corresponding with you
jeff stone

What a great page. I am a math specialist who had the privilege of taking some of the classes on here with Herb Gross, and loved them. They helped me internalize the math, changed the way I teach, and helped refine my educational philosophy. Herb makes learning math more makes sense-and it's fun. His sense of humor combined with how interesting the content is really makes these courses fun and informative. There are courses that will help teachers of all grades, ranging from helping us think about our elementary understanding of numbers through intuitively understanding calculus. I strongly recommend the courses if you are someone looking for professional development for your teachers, a math teacher, student, homeschooling and looking for great math instruction, or just someone who enjoys math. Thanks Herb and everyone involved who is making this content so accessible.
Chrysti Dufort

Thank you for posting these materials. They are inspiring to people who, like me, want to pursue a career in math teaching as well as self learners around the globe. thank you from mexico.
miguel elox

Herb is a master tea with the gift for making evrything seem simple, almost self-evident. And he does this with suc gentle humor and humanity you can't help loving him.
Dr. Sandy Shugart

I'd like to thank Herb Gross for the series of amazing lectures I was lucky enough to come across on iTunesU. So many mathematical techniques explained so rigourously but in such an understandable and humourous way; it just makes mathematics that much more enjoyable to learn than it already is. Thanks once again.
Saif J

What treasures!
Larry Braden

Absolutely excellent – No matter how old, quality will shine through. Herbert Gross has a unique voice and is a real pleasure to watch and listen to. I am a self thought Engineer and math would have been a lot easier to get to grips with if I had access to this material a long time ago. In Herbert I see a man who really loves his work and that makes all the difference in his ability to convey knowledge. A pleasure to watch .. J Oslo Norway

Hi I want to thank you for the incredible lectures that you prepared so many years ago. Calculus Revisited is amazing and I can't quite thank you enough. I am currently 58 years old and failed Calculus when I attended college decades ago. For some reason I felt an overwhelming need to revisit Calculus It always was thorn in my side that I never forgave myself for. By accident, searching YouTube for information, explanations, tutorials, etc., to go along with the textbooks I purchased, I came across the MIT Open Courseware. I searched the site, came across your lectures and was swept away. Every day I look forward to learning in explicit (no math pun intended)detail from your lectures. The clarity with which you see this stuff that eluded me for so long is amazing. You are a gifted teacher and I send you a heart felt Thank you. Jack Kivolowitz
Jack Kivolowitz

I came across Professor Herb's Calculus course on youtube about a week ago, and I had never seen such beautiful material on mathematics in all my life, I found everything to be so well explained, and Professor Herb to be a very good person, I could see it clearly. I noticed he really loves teaching, and giving the intuition behind every concept. Herb, I have infinite admiration for you and your work, I don't know many people who are really willing to help others so much. Everything you have been doing is helping so many people and this knowledge is eternal. Thank you so much. From your friend Paulo.
Paulo Constantino

What an inspiring and enjoyable teacher. Thank you Professor Gross.
Stuart Leviton

Good solution of worst problem (Maths)
Sameer Khan

This is a wonderful site and I have passed it on to a number of my friends. Is it possible to get the course on DVD?
Richard Gould

I am an engineer and currently not working. I will look through the material and hope it can be used for teaching at local high schools or nearbby prison.
Sanh Le

I haven't met Herb Gross, or looked into any of his courses, but I'm willing to bet that he very well understands that, particularly in mathematics, it is necessary to start the student "where he's at." Absolutely no use jumping ahead of that point, or using gee whiz concepts over his head. In fact, errors (other than the stupid mechanical ones we all make) have to be analyzed to see where the student's false concepts lie. And to attempt to expunge them.
John T Lowry

I am a Portuguese Math teacher. I'm MathEd reader and am struggling to improve math education in my country. It was a pleasant surprise to discover this precious website (Prof. Gross mentioned it in one of his posting on MathEd). My many thanks to all involved.
Alexandra Rodrigues

My late husband, William C. Taylor, and I were both among Herb Gross's students in 1961 and 1962 at Corning Community College. Wonderful teacher.
Jean Cole Taylor

I was so fortunate to meet Herb and his lovely wife Louise. He taught a course in Chicopee (MMI). A few of us have kept in touch with him. I am so thrilled that you are offering this website to everyone. I am now currently teaching English language learners and I can't wait to start putting this information to use!!
Diane Dean

hi Herb, i hope i signed in correctly
Lynn Cournoyer

I have known Herb since 1988. He came to Kansas State University at Salina, College of Technology and Aviation, to speak when I was Director of Libraries there. In fact, he gave several presentations at elementary and secondary schools in the area----talking to teachers, students and parents. Everyone loved his ideas, his humor, and his knowledge. Herb is very bright person. He is a genius when it comes to mathematics, but even more important than his skills in mathematics, is his compassion and love for people. It is such an honor for me to know him and call him my friend. He uses his knowledge and intelligence to serve others. Thank you, Herb, for all you have done for humanity! Keep up the good work!
Beverlee R. Kissick

I was a student of Herb's in his Calculus III & Elementary Differential Equations courses in 1966-1967 at Corning Community College. I remember the very first class: He reached into his briefcase, pulled out an ad for Kosher dill pickles, and held it up for the students. I believe the ad proclaimed that "you don't have to be Jewish!". It generated a bit of laughter and put us at ease. And what a mind he has! I wasn't much of a Calc student, but his philosophy was that if you could demonstrate that you understood some of the concepts, you'd earn a "C". That's where I landed.
Edward Albert Clark

Thnaks for the nice Intro Herb. I think all my books arrive at the same conclusion your great work invovles. Life is a series of tests that challenge you to apply the right values in building a good character to create solutions that help others become happier and more successful. Period. Hopefully my book and You-tube video will also help promote your great work. You deserve all the publicity you get my friend. You are the epitome of my definition of success. THanks again and keep in touch. Bill C.
Bill Cottringer

Very interesting and informative. We will likely be going through all the courses to fill in what we missed in school!
Jana and Bob Derikozis

Herb,With your help maybe I can get a better grasp on math after these many (64) years.

If I had a teacher that taught the way Herb has taught, I might have succeeded in math. In my day, girls weren't supposed to be good at math, but if I had Herb for a teacher, that might not have been true! I think your website is amazing and I will pass it on! Thank you for your hard work in presentation
Karen Kaplan

Herb, My dear friend, you are an inspiration. I hope many more individuals will take the time to view your methods of instruction. I appreciate your efforts to make the study of mathematics fun and enjoyable to those that struggle or do not struggle. You are blessed with a unique manner of presenting mathematics. You are truly a blessing to the teaching profession! Regards John Heublein K-State at Salina
John Heublein

Wonderful to know you are still teaching ... and thinking .. ;) I will have to look through this with my grandsons (5) teachers!
Ruth Goodwin

To paraphrase the motto of Building 19\frac 1 2: ``Great stuff cheap.'' Congrats, Herb.
Al Cuoco

Herb, it was good to meet you yesterday. This looks like a wonderful project. I'm going to use your site to brush up on my math skills! Thanks, Jon
Jon Walsh

I looked at several power point presentations at your website. I was very impressed. I believe that anyone who visits the it a member of the Carnegie Foundation or a NYSMATYC member or a high school or community college teacher or a math lab person should see the potential for gaining a firm foundation of math basics. Next time a grandchild visits me and has time for it, I will have him/her look at one of the topics Very, very well done.
Sam McInroy, Retired Professor of Mathematics, Corning Community College

What a wonderful site, Herb! I am so proud to be called your friend. Simply magnificent!! Larry
Larry Braden

Hi Herb, Surprise! Long time from Corning and Winthrop Beach! I was reading the paper about someone in my town (Ipswich) who taught at Bunker Hill and I thought of you - nice web site! Really great (but not surprising!)to see that you are still teaching! Hope you and your family are well - Send me an email
Anne Reynolds

I couldn't resist commenting on Michael Goodman's posting. Michael is my grandson; and what better validation can a grandfather ask for???
Herb Gross

Herb, what has always amazed me about you ever since our time together at CCC, is your enthusiasm and everlasting dedication toward helping people learn, especially math. I get drawn in by your excitement over whatever project(s)currently fill your day, and there have been many over the years. As a role model you set high standards both as a teacher and as a person. I personally know no one who has positively impacted so many others as you have. And now, at an age when most of us have truely retired, you are once again extending your influence and helping others. As your son quoted you, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Knowing how much you care has never escaped your students, your colleagues, or your friends.
Bob Chapman

Best Wishes to you all! May you help the masses to enjoy the beauty of Mathematics and show them how they can learn to love it by looking at it in a whole new way.
Andy Parker

Herb Gross is not only a uniquely gifted teacher of mathematical concepts, he is also the funniest; a humane teacher who touched the hearts as well as the minds of his student athletes at Brandeis University, and to this day, is remembered with deep affection.
Myron "Mike" Uhlberg

Dear Herb, Great website! Love, Aimee
Aimee Corrigan

I had the pleasure of taking 'Math as a Second Language' from Dr. Gross while a student at Lesley College. For years I had put off going back to college for one simple reason; math. When I was given the math placement exam at Lesley to see what math classes I would need to take, the only information I put on the paper were my name & the date. I turned the paper in and left the classroom trying to hold back my tears; tears of embarassment & shame. I was told that I would need to take the non-credit math course to try to get me up to speed (surprise, surprise!). To my utter amazement, this turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Dr. Gross was the instructor for this 3 hour weekly course. I began the semester thinking this would be just like every other math class I had taken in the past; I would start out enthusiastic, but eventually would throw my hands up in frustration thinking, 'I just can't do math'. I was never so wrong in my life. Because Dr. Gross teaches math from more of a language perspective than a numbers perspective, I was finally able to begin to grasp some of the most basic concepts of math. Simple things like, 'per cent', means 'per hundred' and what 'of' means in math. Once I had the tools (the vocabulary), I stopped dreading math. Even more surprisingly, I was able to DO the math! Dr. Gross not only helped me to understand math, he also helped me gain the confidence I needed in order to be sucessful at math. I am still amazed that I can actually calculate a tip in my head or figure out a discount on an item while shopping. Dr. Gross, thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm & patience. You have been one of the most influential teachers in my life, and I am ever grateful to you. -Kelly
Kelly (Donahue) Cavanaugh

Dr Herbert Gross has a knack for explaining mathematical intricacies. I have known him for 64 years. To my knowledge he has always had a good sense of humor with which he is able to defuse the illhumor of others. His algebra slide shows intrigue one with their, to me, novel and easy to understand statements. Good luck on the rest of your project, Herb.
Hubert Russell

Herb: You are always on my mind when I am teaching at NC State. I open every year (especially Calc II) with 3 + 2 = 40. I say a wise man once showed me this. I also use your gloogs and apples when explaining to my college students why 2x + 5x = 7x. They always say, "I wish someone had told me that in 5th grade." I use similar arguments with derivatives and fractions. I won't use the word derivative with a student who is struggling. I find the student has a language problem and not a math problem. I insist we call it the slope of the tangent line at x=a. Then the conceptual understanding isn't overshadowed by the tricks to find derivatives. I wish everyday that I could have gotten my hands on the calculus lectures you taped. I hope you will eventually post them on this website. As for slide shows that you have already posted, let me say that the pictures are fun and the content is very entertaining and to the point. I have already linked to your website on my website. Hopefully that will help boost your google page rank. I would like as many people as possible to learn from what you have to offer. Based on my personal experience, I realize how lucky I was to get a chance to facilitate at your math workshops for elementary school teachers. Truly, I had no reason to be there. I had no formal teaching experience and I was only a sophomore math major at a liberal arts college. I never understood what I brought to the table. However, since I didn't come in with any preconceived notions of where I fit, I was able to soak up everything you had to teach. I thrived in your shadow and emerged a better teacher.
Catherine Buell

Terrific web site!
James Hopper

I can remember the difficulties and strange roadblocks I had when learning math when I was younger. Seeing this unique approach to teaching the material, and making it available to the public in such an easy fashion is an incredible idea. I look forward to seeing how the site progresses! -Jonathan
Jonathan Menard

Thank you for making me aware of this wonderful resource and for making this web site available. Your work has been very helpful to me, my students, math teachers, and to many other mathematics educators and I am glad that the information is being shared to benefit more teachers and students. I have enjoyed and gained so much from taking and teaching the Math as a Second Language course with you and your brother Ken. I thank you for the important role you played in developing the course and for the experiences and opportunities to work with and learn from you and other educators. The experiences have been a real blessing to me and I am grateful for your support and willingness to share valuable instructional strategies. The power points that you created with Rick Medeiros will be of great help to others and I will gladly spread the news!
Beth Doherty

I can't wait to spend more time with the web site
Philip Brous

May all your projects be successful!
Louise Raphael

Nothing surprises about the accomplishments of my friend (since 1946). God Bless
Bill Nodell

Many years ago, Professor Gross and I were classmates at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I plan to use some of this material for free tutoring of mathematics in the Rita Welsh Adult Literacy Program at William & Mary College.
Rudy Roberts

Looking forward to your presentation!
Melissa Null Svahra

Judy, thank you for developing this website. I'm glad to see that Herb’s talents are still being shared and that you are putting together material from which others may benefit. Herb, I reference your workshops often and how you, in particular, were able to take a complicated topic and break it down into simple language and examples for struggling math learners to comprehend! I try my best to achieve the same goal in my classroom! I am hoping that many others will benefit as much from your efforts as I have.
Kathleen Gunning

See you on 1/25/2010
Laura Coates

I am so impressed with the superb pedagogy used to convey serious math content. I hope more people will find the website and use the material.
David Wright

Looking forward to working with you on our upcoming Professional Development Day.
Brian Dayton

Thank you for making your materials available.
Laura K. Gross

I met Herb while I was a student at Bunker Hill Community College. I was in my late 70's, I needed help in algebra and he made it possible for an old man to graduate from the BHCC and go onto the University of Massachuseetts, Boston and graduate in 2004 at the age of 79. Herb is able to help old timers. He is a dear friend.
David Coyle

An honor to be included.
Rikki Blair

Dad may have told Herb that I am now teaching part-time at our local community college in the Upper Peninsula. I'm very interested in new approaches to teaching basics!
Martha Schue Knutson

I looked at your new website. Impressive! I even worked through several of the lessons. I look forward to viewing the calculus lessons particularly if you can put the lectures on the website too. They will be a great help to students learning calculus as well as engineers who want (or need) to relearn calculus and to people like me who will enjoy watching you lecture. Prof. Harold Mickley certainly did make some really good decisions in the early days of the MIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study - including choosing you - first to teach Calculus Revisited live and then to do the self study lectures and study guides.
Paul Brown, Director, Advanced Study Programs at the MIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study (retired)

Although I am not a Math teacher by profession, I have a great passion for Math, which I have used very effectively in my career as an Electrical Engineer. Because of my background in Math, I can appreciate the important work that all of you have done by creating this website and the highly useful material that it makes so readily available to Math teachers everywhere. I wish you further success in your endeavors.
Dan Varon

Paul Mangan

This project promises to be of great value, especially to those students who are self professed "Mathophobes" like many I have come across in my 40yrs+ teaching in Radiology
Jim Lampka

Fifty years ago I was a high school student in Corning, NY when Herb was pioneering in our school district. Then Herb and Louise became our neighbors and have remained close friends. I am so happy that his work will have an expanded audience. Congratulations to the three of you! Dianne Roe
Dianne Roe

Just signing in B4 I check it out....Happy 2010 to U !
Jan Chisholm

I'm just thrilled that you three have created this website! Now Herb's voice and ideas can be shared with everyone everywhere. I taught MSL with Herb for several years and learned so much from that experience. I miss his humor, his warmth and his exceptional ability to teach mathematics in such a non-threatening, easily accessible way. Great Power Points, Rick!
Susan Ojala

Great stuff. The powerpoint presentations seem like such a great way to present your ideas. Love the fact that it is much more pleasant to experience than reading through a textbook.
Michael Klugerman

Buckminster Fuller was a beloved teacher of mine and Herb, although absolutely unique, reminds me of him more than anyone I have ever met. I could understand math from Herb the way I could understand physics from Bucky, and they both taught me a lot about life.
Jean Briggs

I expect to be a frequent visitor.
John Schue

Excellent idea!!!!!! Herb Gross is a dear friend and a mathematical genius!!!!!!
Robert D. Homolka

Herb, it's been a pleasure hearing your wisdom over the years over e-mail, and I am delighted that more folks will now have access to it. Great site, mazel tov.
Judy Roitman, Professor of Mathematics, University of Kansas

Looks great so far. I'll write to Herb more.
Dr. Douglas H. Clements

Thank You!
Maryanne Surprenant

Great job Rick! All my best wishes for success with it!
Mary Ann Bell

The power point presentations have the following qualities: · The approach focuses on conceptual understanding. · Developmental students can easily make connections to new concepts from their previous knowledge-base because the points of view are deliberately chosen to be ones with which they can relate. · The author has extensive highly successful experience as an instructor at all levels of higher education from developmental classrooms at community colleges to the lecture halls of MIT. An additional use of the series is its availability to instructors as a developmental stratagem. Professor Gross is an award-winning professor and his approach to a topic is enlightening even to well-seasoned instructors. I recommend this web site to all who teach developmental mathematics. Pat Stone Director of Instructional Professional Development Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas
Pat Stone

All your hard has turned out just great. Keep up the good work.
Claudia Settele

nicely composed, leads the reader to want more. However, I believe that readers, at this level, should find the material easily understood and I did not fine the riddle example to be clear with respect to algebra. My argument is not that is not rerlated to algebra, it might very well be, I just did not see the simple connection. Does this mean that I get removed from future mailings? this won't work unless the URL is changed. My sibling is my sister.
ronald mcdonald

Herb Gross' materials and ideas are superb. I regularly use them in my work with teachers. Many then ask to see his entire manuscript. As a presenter, Herb is second to none. He is engaging, entertaining and mathematical - all at the same time! I had the opportunity to team teach several courses with him and probably learned as much as the teachers who were taking the course.
Richard Bisk, Chair of Mathematics Department, Worcester State College

Way to go Herbie!
Joe Pompeo

an intenspiration production